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Medical Marijuana Clinics

If you or your doctor feels that you have a qualifying condition that would benefit from medical marijuana, the first step in getting that treatment is to find Michigan Medical Marijuana clinics near you. Medical marijuana clinics are available throughout the state to assist with applying for a marijuana  certification card.

Certification is required in order to buy and use marijuana legally. Michigan Medical Marijuana clinics have licensed doctors that can help with the process. Each state that has legalized marijuana has requirements specific to that state, and medical marijuana clinics are sure to be in compliance with those laws.

A medical marijuana patient should enroll at one of our medical marijuana clinics and make sure current medical records are sent to the clinic for review. You can bring records into one of our medical marijuana clinics, or sign a release and one of our medical marijuana clinics will request the records for you. An appointment cannot be made until we have medical records.

At the Michigan Medical Marijuana clinics, the professional staff offers compassionate care with respect for patient privacy. All medical marijuana clinics understand that some patients may be hesitant to use marijuana as a treatment. Many patients that visit our medical marijuana clinics have found the use of medical marijuana to be an effective therapeutic drug.

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